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P. Noona Club

group of noonas who are having fun and admiring these yummy K-Pop Idols... ^_^
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When asked to send out their group’s best dancer…

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Chunface missing Duckbutt Su.

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Happy Birthday Taemin. ♥
Happy Birthday Taemin. ♥ 

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You need some help there, D.O? ►

You need some help there, D.O?

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Kikwang's birthday surprise.. failed

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바나 = B1A4!

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Zelo trying to clap XD
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Zelo trying to clap XD

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WHAT are you doing Key?!

WHAT are you doing Key?!

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That face there at the end when the guys have been laughing at him for like 5 minutes straight and he is just READY to kill them:

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Jinki sure cares for everyone. [x]

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