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group of noonas who are having fun and admiring these yummy K-Pop Idols... ^_^
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The TL;DR version:

Originally this awesome blog was run by 4 gals who met in NY at the KBS Concert in Oct. of 2011.  Well, L met V, C, & K (who were all hanging out together).  They stayed in touch and created this page together.  But V and C already have tumblr blogs going, with their own interests, so it was difficult to keep this site running as well.  So K and L kept posting only the hottest guys.  THEN K and L made their own personal pages to, but we made them off this site.  So mostly now it is L posting and the others contributing when they can.  Life happens baby. Plus, L is addicted like it is NO ONE’S BUSINESS.  ^_^ >.<


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